LED Applications

Tavo Gutierrez, Chief Operating Officer

A Message from enviro-glo's COO:

Let's Work Together

enviro-glo is a manufacturer of high-quality LED lighting products for commercial applications across the United States.

As a manufacturer, we have full control over the production process which gives our customers peace of mind that the quality of our LED products does not waiver. Our LED products incorporate cutting-edge technology, and they include trusted, brand name electronic components.

Safety is also important to everyone at enviro-glo. In addition to our products being continuously updated to offer the latest lighting efficiency and performance, our products meet stringent lighting certifications requirements and safety standards. All of our products are UL or ETL certified or classified depending on the requirements.

Finally, our customer service team stays up to date on industry best practices and certifications to ensure that our products qualify for utility rebates.

We look forward to working with you.


Indoor LED
Lighting Solutions

It includes LED Retrofit, Performance High Bay 150 Watt (round), Performance High Bay 120 watt, 2' or tandem 4, 150 Watt Performance High Bay (rectangular), High Output Optic 40W Fish Eye, Ballast Compatible and AC 120-277V LED T8 Tube


Outdoor LED
Lighting Solutions

It includes High Performance Flood Light 80 Watt, High Performance Flood Light, 150 Watt & 200 Watt, High Performance Flood Light 160 watt, 150 Watt & 300 Watt LED Flood Light

Safety and Quality Certifications